The Tiger Chase

By Andrew McDermott

The Tiger Chase 2018 by Andrew McDermott.

Dr Elizabeth Smith brings a rare Chinese tiger to the La Zoo, but the tiger is stolen on its arrival.

Detective John Dean of the LAPD hates two things in life, strong-willed woman…and cats. His worst nightmare is realised when he is ordered to retrieve the tiger with Dr Smith and travel back 2000 miles across America in a station wagon, with the tiger in the back, and a gang of crooks in hot pursuit.

The Tiger Chase is an action-packed story that incorporates drama and humour with a wealth of information about one of the most precious, yet most endangered, species on earth, the South China tiger.


An entertaining story about the fight for survival which is sure to raise awareness about the very real threat of extinction facing the mystical and majestic South China Tiger.

Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran


For the first time in history, this most ancient tiger – the South China Tiger, is brought to the consciousness of the western public through story telling. The Tiger Chase has captured the spirit of the Chinese tiger, ancestral to all other subspecies, as well as the culture associated with it. I hope that the awareness it raises would encourage the reader to join us in our fight to save this cultural symbol and protector of nature from the fate of extinction.

Li Quan, Save China’s Tigers (Charity)


With The Tiger Chase Andrew McDermott takes an important look at one of the most critically endangered, yet often overlooked, of the tiger subspecies. Interwoven in a novel almost as mysterious as the tiger itself is a story, in one moment heartbreaking, in another hilarious, and often terrifyingly close to being a requiem for the vanishing South Chinese tiger.

Maxine Annabell
Tiger Territory


What a treat! A tale that picks up speed, The Tiger Chase tells an action-packed story that incorporates not only drama and humor, but also a wealth of information about one of the most precious, yet most endangered, species on earth. Information delivered in an entertaining manner, avoiding the ‘preaching’ tone that so many of us involved in environmental activism adopt, and therefore bound to reach a much larger audience. ‘Kudos’ to Andrew McDermott for producing this most enjoyable, yet informative, read.

Bill (Tigerman) Frazer

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